Classic Cocoon 2.2 web applications

Inspired by Vadim’s last year’s Cocoon GetTogether presentation, I created a simple Maven module that demonstrates how Cocoon 2.2 can be used in classic mode. Classic mode means that Cocoon 2.2 is used without the Servlet-Service Framework or custom blocks. Both are great features but they are not needed in every case, e.g. if you want a simple migration for Cocoon 2.1 to 2.2 you might not want to introduce blocks and servlet services from the beginning.

The sample code is available in the Cocoon whiteboard. Check it out and then you can use it e.g. by mvn install jetty:run or by mvn eclipse:eclipse and loading it into your Eclipse workspace and use the Run-Jetty-Run plugin. This option also gives you automatic reloading of all resources but not of Java classes though.

See the Spring Configurator docs if you want to know where you can put your custom Spring beans, Avalon components, properties or how logging works.

The sample only uses the Template block which works for me as expected. but I haven’t tested with other blocks so far.

Finally, if you are new to Cocoon, I strongly recommend getting familiar with blocks and serlvet-services. Both will help you to moduliarize a (Cocoon) web application. The Cocoon 2.2 tutorials and the available screencast will be a good start.